Astronomy Benalla
Australia Day - 2011
Australia Day Display 2011   One of Astronomy Benalla’s more successful outreach viewings was held on Australia Day coincident with the morning ceremonies at the Civic Centre. Four members set up three telescopes adjacent to the Analammatic Sundial, at 8:00am. It didn’t take long before a steady string of celebrating Aussies were viewing the 2 spots on the Sun’s surface using the 200mm safely filtered Newtomian telescope and asking many questions. A Personal Solar Telescope (PST) was set up adjacent, showing the Sun’s giant spicules radiationg out through the chromosphere from it’s visual surface (photosphere) that simply amazed many of the public. Fortunately, the last quarter Moon was visible and our 100mm refractor telescope was focused on its surface showing mountains and craters. Civic Centre, Australia Day 2011 Display - 2 solar telescopes and one focused on the Moon Patrick supervises the solar scope while Rupe assists young lads viewing the Moon Picture: Jan Andrews
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