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Meteorites - Presentation and Display -16th February 2011 Our General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 16th February was supplanted by a ‘Meteorite Night’ held at the Benalla Christian School. This attracted an enthusiastic audience of over forty and included visitors of all ages. Trevor Hand of the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society (MPAS) enthralled all with his presentation. After an informative talk, we were invited to a hands-on examination of his meteorite specimens and the opportunity was enthusiastically snapped up. Peter Lowe, the President of the MPAS gave an excellent talk on the upcoming VASTROC (Victorian Astronomical Convention), hosted this year by MPAS (See: the Special Events page). His talk included a video of the facilities at MPAS which were both impressive and beckoning. A very enjoyable night. The appreciation of Astronomy Benalla was shown with a traditional Astronomical Societies presentation to Trevor and Peter who both received a very genuine and warm round of applause from the attendant crowd. The night ended with an excellent supper provided and served by the Members - well done to a successful evening which also resulted in at least one new member, who signed up on the night - welcome Bobby!  ABC  Radio  Meteorite  Interview and images (approx. 10 minutes) -  
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                        President Rupe Cheetham with Trevor Hand and his 11kg meteorite ‘Aussie’. Picture: Lynne Knight
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